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Battery tray Ford Transit 1991 left

Battery tray Ford Transit 1991 left


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Battery tray Ford Transit 1991 left

Battery tray Ford Transit is located under the engine cover. It is mounted on the left front wheel arch. It is a metal element that acts as the base of the battery in our delivery truck. The base of the Ford Transit battery is a new part, sold as a replacement.




97VB-10764-AB ( 97VB10764AB )
97VB-10764-AA ( 97VB10764AA )
92VB-10764-BD ( 92VB10764BD )
92VB-10764-BC ( 92VB10764BC )
96VT-10764-BC ( 96VT10764BC )

Ford Transit MK4 1991-1994
Ford Transit MK5 1994-2000

Condition - new

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 Heikki   Date Added:
Tärkeä osa, joka löytyi vain Transitcenteristä. Akkuteline oli aivan ruostunut eikä mennyt läpi kats
 Jim   Date Added:
The part was exactly as advertised, so all was good and I was happy that I got what I asked for, how
 alex   Date Added:
Consegna rapida e pezzo perfetto, acquisterò molti altri pezzi qui
 Cristopher   Date Added:
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