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Ford Transit - how to protect yourself from theft?

Ford Transit Thief

Every vehicle can be stolen. For an amateur of other things it’s only a matter of time before any type of security is over. But can you effectively discourage a thief? We must remember that thief may have different motivations - one will depend strictly on the parts of our vehicle and the other want equipment from the van (eg tools or specialized equipment).

The most common solution is the alarm. Factory alarms, due to their universality, do not pose a great challenge to thieves. It is worth considering the installation of copyright protection in a smaller company whose solutions are not yet available on a large scale. It would operate in parallel with the factory alarm operation.
Alarms set up in dealer networks are created in such a way that every authorized service in the country and even in Europe can fix such devices. Thieves know their operation and know how to bypass the immobilizer. The more unprotected the security, the greater the problem for the criminal.
Remember! The alarm itself isn’t guarantee of safety! This is, however, a step in fight with the thief's precedent.

Another solution is tracking devices that use GPS technology. Some vehicles have factory-built transmitters that allow the vehicle to be located at a distance of up to several tens of kilometers. However, it’s possible to mount these types of solutions on their own. It is best to choose a invisible place, at the part that disassembly takes a long time. The often chosen location of the transmitter is the chassis of the vehicle.
Ford Transit Security

Pay attention to where you park! The more public place - bigger risk for potential thief. You leave your car unattended overnight - look around for some cameras facing on the parking lot. Monitoring should effectively deter offenders. In the event of a theft (or scratching of the car), we have evidence in the form of a video.

Do not forget about car insurance. This expense, which cyclically attacks the wallets of drivers. It is also good to buy an auto-casco policy with theft protection option. Only she guarantees a refund of the equivalent of the vehicle, or a specific amount of money in case of theft.
Ford Transit Security

Did you know that ...
Ford Transit mk 6 steal marries miracle?
It would seem that with the passage of time and development of new technologies our cars have secured security for the 21st century. Steering blocks already exist for the factory, digital and electronic car security. Ford Transit mk 6 appeared on the market in 2000. He is considered one of the safest models in the history of motoring. He challenged even Ford employees! By its specific construction, the exchange of some elements was able to last a few hours!
The Ford Transit mk6 had an immobilizer in the injection pump and in the ignition.
The assignment of the new injection pump to the van was secured by a 30-minute waiting period during programming, during which the vehicle had to remain on the engine.
The injection pump was connected directly to the camshaft chain as well as the casing, and replaced with a specialist service from 3 to 6 hours. The module itself was flooded with resin. The potential robber would have to be equipped with a specialized computer, vast knowledge and safety baggage in the form of several hours of time.
Ford Transit mk6

The best possible solution for a potential thief was to pull the vehicle fully onto the towing vehicle and then disassemble it elsewhere. Such disassembly of a potential robber would have taken the whole day if not longer. Just pulling a commercial vehicle on a tow truck in a marvelous way is no small feat (although there have been such cases).

Victims of the collapse were often the owners of the van! In case of broken key there was no possibility of firing the car. There was a cigarette immobilizer around the key switch located on the tip of the key. The tablet had an individual frequency (there were millions of them), which made it impossible to start with a broken or any other key. The only possible solution was to adapt the new key, which had additional time protection. In the event of a discontinuance of the procedure - it was necessary to start it again after waiting for the appropriate period of time. For professionals it was a great deal of work, and for robbers? Security not to pass! Especially that in the initial period of adaptation of the new key required PIN, which was available only on Ford service. In addition, it was also necessary to have a pump number, which took about 3 hours to remove.
Remember! The thief never has time! Therefore time protection is the best possible solution. Unfortunately, it is a story of history.

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