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Ford Transit Centre

Ford is a global automotive company that you don't need to introduce to anyone. It owes its brand to several dozen years of work, hundreds of thousands of people around the world and clients who believe in its success and reliability. The company has its roots in the USA, however it quickly moved to conquer foreign markets by opening independent headquarters in Great Britain and Germany. Ford's icons are e.g. Ford Mustang, Ford Focus or Ford Transit van

The origins of Ford Transit

Ford Transit production began in 1965. It was the successor of the popular vehicle in Germany called the Ford Taunus Transit. The main idea behind creating the Transit MK1 was its versatility. It was supposed to be a reliable van, which all people can afford, regardless of their profession. Attractive price and different versions were to meet the expectations of farmers, businessmen, travelers, firemen, policemen, doctors and all professional groups who need more space!

Ford Transit V4

Ford Transit MK1 was an innovation on a global scale. The best example of this is that many of these vehicles are still on the road! Some firefighting units still have the iconic Transit in their garage. Currently, the eighth generation of these vans is being manufactured.

Establishment of the Ford Transit Centre

The development of Ford dealerships, increased production of Ford Transit vans and a kind of cult of this model (among delivery vans) in Great Britain made Ford Transit Centre appear in the British Islands. These are Ford's official salons, which in addition to car sales also deal with service, Ford brand promotion and support for local enterprises. The independence of these entities is limited. They have promotional materials from the official distribution of Ford, they have licenses to sell Ford cars. Customers have the option to insure a car at Transit Centre, or even to arrange a test drive.

Ford Transit Centre UK


What does the Ford Transit Centre offer?

Ford Transit Centre Dealers are based on four basic pillars.

The first of them is CONVENIENCE. The network of these dealershops has been located in such a way that from 95% of places in Great Britain you can get to the nearest Transit Centre in less than 45 minutes. And the number of these places is growing all the time!

The other one is TRUST. Finding the right car and comfortable billing options is very important for employees of every Ford Transit Centre. A wide range of award-winning commercial vehicles and support of REC workshops guarantee the highest quality of services.

The third pillar is Transit 24 Serwis. What does this mean exactly? It is a 24-hour support for people who found themselves in a unique need. Did your car break down on some off-road distance? Do you need quick help? Transit 24 Serwis is the solution for you. You will find it at authorized Ford Transit Centre in Great Britain

The last pillar is FINANCE. In addition to employees specializing in vehicle mechanics and sales, the Transit Centre also includes people responsible for financial and billing issues. They will allow you to find the most beneficial way to pay for your car, for example through installments or leasing.

The text is informative. Transit Center is an independent, private company and is not related to the British Transit Centre network.

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