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Ford Transit Custom Hybrids - International Van of the Year 2020

Ford in Europe has won a unique award in the International Van of the Year 2020 (IVOTY) competition. This is Ford's sixth victory in this prestigious competition. The Ford Transit Custom Hybrid vehicle range, including Plug-In Hybrid and EcoBlue Hybrid, won the first place in the competition. Hans Schep, CEO of Commercial Vehicles at Ford Europa received the award at the Solutrans 2019 gala on November 20 in Lyon, France.

Ford Transit Custom Hybrid Plug-in

Electric Ford Transit Custom

The new Ford Transit Custom Hybrids was elected by a commission of European editors specializing in commercial vehicles. The commission consisted of experts from 25 countries. Interestingly, the electric Ford Transit Custom won by a clear advantage, scoring as much as 97 points. Ford Transit Ecoblue came in second with 54 points. Ford did not leave a dry thread on the competition with Volkswagen, Renault, Iveco and Fiat.

Hans Schep didn't hide his pride and satisfaction while receiving the award: "We are very proud that the IVOTA jury awarded our Transit Custom Hybrid offer with such a prestigious award. Commercial vehicle drivers need practical and efficient electrical units that are tailored to their business needs. Our new range of hybrid vehicles offers a range of solutions tailored to extremely different customer expectations. "

Ford Transit Custom Hybrid

Electricity of Ford Transit Custom

Jarlath Sweeney, chairman of IVOTA, mentioned that Ford deserves great recognition by introducing revolutionary and modern solutions - both with Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) technology and a mild diesel hybrid (mHEV): "The jury appreciated the direction Ford is developing in a real alternative to the traditional propulsion system. The new range of vehicles meets both urban and rural requirements in the most environmentally friendly way. The plug-in hybrid system is a zero-emission unit, without fear of range, without compromising on load and with simple charging options. The main idea of ​​the vehicles was to design vehicles for city driving to improve air quality. No other producer has ever gone in this direction before. "

Ford Transit Custom dashboard

Since the beginning of the competition, Ford in Europe has won the IVOTY award six times. For the first time in 2001. Since then, both Ford Transit and Ford Transit Custom and Ford Transit Connect have been awarded.

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