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How to prepare van for winter?

Winter can be a real challenge, both for people and vans. The freezing temperatures, salt-laden roads and the ever-present snow have a real impact on the lifespan of our vehicles. The old saying "prevention is better than cure" perfectly reflects the fact that we should prepare our vans for the hardships of winter. A few simple steps can save us unnecessary stress. How do I prepare my van for winter? What parts for vans should be purchased in advance? Read the article.

Take care of the braking system

The braking distance of a vehicle on an icy and snowy road surface increases considerably. Braking distances are influenced by factors such as
- the condition of the tyres,
- quality and cleanliness of brakes,
- proper response and visibility,
- the type of road surface you are driving on.

This is why we should check the condition of our braking system before the first frost hits. Do not hesitate to replace the old components, as they have a real impact on your safety and that of other road users. You will find Ford Transit brake pads in our online shop. For customers, we have also prepared special sets of original brake discs and pads tailored to specific versions of vans.

Order winter windscreen washer fluid

The easiest and cheapest way to prepare your van for winter is to buy and replace winter windscreen washer fluid. It is designed to work at low temperatures so that it does not freeze. Winter windscreen washer fluid is useful both in terms of improving visibility and can also help defrost a frozen windscreen. It is worth buying an extra bottle and carrying it with you in the boot to prevent driving with a dirty windscreen.
Ford Transit Snow

Improving visibility - windscreen wipers and lighting

One of the characteristics of winter is that it gets dark relatively earlier and darkness sets in. With the thaw, there is also mud mixed with salt, which can leave streaks on our windscreens. This is why it is important to ensure that your windscreen wipers are in good condition. Worn-out wiper blades for a ford transit do not evacuate water effectively and leave streaks, which compromises visibility and driving comfort. What's more, changing wiper blades is an easy job that even a novice can handle.
However, the most important factor for visibility on the road is the lighting. The efficient, well-adjusted lights in a vehicle are the responsibility of every driver. Therefore, if a bulb has burned out or a lamp has been damaged - we recommend replacing these components immediately. A cracked headlight for a Ford Transit can be further damaged by low temperatures or road salt. Such a defect should not be underestimated, as the lack of a functioning headlight can damage us suddenly, even while driving. Once the vehicle's lights have been checked, it is advisable to visit a garage to have them adjusted.

Problems with starting a bus

In winter, the most common situation is when a van will not start. Several factors can cause this, the most common being a weak battery, a dirty ford transit fuel filter, frozen fuel lines, burnt-out spark plugs and a faulty alternator. It is worth checking the battery charge level and voltage at the clamps while the engine is running. This will avoid any unfortunate surprises.

Coolant that matches the season

The coolant in our van should be adapted to the outside temperature. The wrong ford transit coolant can even lead to mechanical damage in the engine block. For this reason, we recommend the use of genuine Ford operating fluids that are adapted to different weather conditions. Tests are also available on the market to check the freezing point of the coolant. A faulty cooling system can lead to leaks and serious damage to your van due to engine overheating.
Ford Transit Winter

Don't forget to change to winter tyres

It is advisable to change from summer to winter tyres when the average daily temperature falls below 7°C. Don't wait for the snow or the last minute to change your tyres, as this is when the garages are overcrowded. A tyre change is also an ideal opportunity to have the wheels aligned and the condition of the wheel studs and wheel nuts checked. The Ford Transit wheel nut is so cheap that it is worth buying a few extra. It is thanks to the wheel nuts that our vehicle's wheels are properly attached to the hub.

Preparing your van for winter - a summary

In this article we have included the most important tips on how to prepare your van for winter. We recommend preventing damage that could immobilise your vehicle for weeks. As a practical tip, it is also worth arming yourself with lubricant, lock defroster and a special preparation for gaskets. A frozen lock on a van that does not have a central locking function can be a real problem. Faults are also exposed to the cold and should be lubricated with a suitable preparation. Don't let winter take you by surprise and remember that you can find the parts you need for your Ford Transit and other vans in our online shop.

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