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New Ford Transit Custom 2023 - price, versions, interior

The new Ford Transit Custom 2023 was presented to the world at the IAA 2022 in Hannover. Since then, there have been regular press reports about the various versions and capabilities of this van. It turns out that orders for the first vehicles can already be placed at some dealerships. For now, Ford Transit Custom 2023 version with EcoBlue powertrains, but hybrid and fully electric versions will also be available within a few months. Additional information and visuals have also appeared on Ford's official website. How much does the new Transit Custom 2023 cost? What technologies will it be equipped with? We invite you to read the article.

Transit Custom 2023

The new Transit Custom 2023 - genesis

According to S&P Global's new car registrations data for 2021, the Transit Custom was the best-selling van across Europe. Also of interest are the figures from the UK, where 42,215 vehicles were registered in 2022 alone. The bar for the next generation has been set very high. Both stylistically and purely commercially. It's hard not to get the impression that the popularity of the previous version was largely due to the great styling and good availability of the model despite the problems associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. The 2.0 EcoBlue engine itself has its ills, such as injector problems and a sensitive timing belt. Owners of the previous Transit Custom also complain about the durability of the bodywork, which starts to corrode even after 5 years. Will the new 2023 Ford Transit Custom perform better in this respect? We hope so!

Transit Custom 2023 - basic information

The new Transit Custom is designed to be electrified, to implement modern technology and to increase the capabilities of the commercial vehicle. Promotional materials touted modern software focused on efficiency and ecology, while the Custom 2023 itself was also intended to be a mobile powerbank for powering power tools. Technicians buying the new version of the van or caravanning enthusiasts were to gain the ability to charge and power electrical devices via a dedicated socket located in the vehicle. And it wasn't going to be a cigarette lighter socket!

The technology is called Pro Power Onboard and had already been used in American Ford F-150s in variants: 2.0kW, 2.4kW, 7.2kW, 9.6kW. The 2023 Transit Custom will feature a 360-degree camera system with active park assist. A keyless lock control system is available on the vehicle. The steering wheel is adjustable so that it can be used as a table when stationary. The vehicle is also expected to be available in a Trail version, which is distinguished by the Transit Custom trail grille.
Ford Transit Custom Trail

Transit Custom 2023 2.0 EcoBlue

- Four power variants: 110 hp, 136 hp, 150 hp and 170 hp.
- Six-speed manual transmission or 8-speed automatic transmission.
- FWD, RWD and AWD versions (with automatic transmission only).
- The manual version will have a mechanical limited-slip differential system.
- Maximum towed trailer weight: up to 2 tonnes.

New Ford Transit Custom Plug-In Hybrid

- 2.5 litre petrol engine.
- 11.8 kWh battery with plug-in charging.
- Emissions of 32g Co2/km.
- Range on electric drive alone: 57 km.
- Maximum towed trailer weight: up to 2 tonnes.

Ford E-Transit Custom 2023

- Up to 380 km driving range on electric motor.
- Two power variants: 100kW and 160kW.
- 11kW on-board charger.
- Pro-Power Onboard System.
- Headlights combined with LED strip.

The 2023 Ford E-Transit Custom is the first electric van to use an EVI air-to-water heat pump to heat and cool the cabin. The electric Transit Custom is also expected to feature One-Pedal Drive, which allows the driver to accelerate and brake using just one pedal. Parts for bus can be found in our online shop.

Ford Transit Custom 2023 - interior

Ford Transit Custom 2023 steering wheelFord Transit Custom 2023 button

Ford Transit Custom 2023 table

New Transit Custom 2023 - price

Transit Custom 2023 L1H1, 110 hp, manual transmission: 31.670 €
New Transit Custom L1H1 136 hp, manual transmission: 32.710€
Transit Custom 2023 L1H1, 136 hp, 8-speed automatic transmission: €34,510
Transit Custom 2023 Limited: 38.170€
Ford Transit Custom 2023 L1H2, 110 hp: 33,470€

Prices in Switzerland are expected to start at CHF 41,350. Prices in Poland and other countries, on the other hand, depend on individual negotiations with Ford dealers. It is also worth noting that the price list refers to the version powered by the 2.0 EcoBlue diesel engine. At the moment, the price for the electric and hybrid versions is not known, but the first information should appear within a few months. Remember that you can find ford transit parts on our website.

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