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Time is the main enemy of your Transits!

Daily maintenance extends the life of the car. But what if somewhat neglected this aspect, or a lot of time has passed since the last inspection? Don't be surprised - take care of safety and comfort, checking the current condition of your car. Where should I start?


olej silnikowy

Engine oil is a key element in the proper functioning of the drive unit. Its primary function is to reduce friction between współgrającymi components and cooling properties. It works also as a protection against corrosion.
With the passage of time - motor oil starts to lose its properties. Is subjected to temperature changes, traps dirt and metal shavings from the wear components. Worsen the lubricating properties.

When you need to change the oil?
Experience shows waveforms of from 10 000 to 20 000 km (depending on the oil).
When changing the oil, we should also invest in a new oil filter.


Changing the timing is a function that waits - sooner or later - almost every car owner with an internal combustion engine. Timing belt replacement is recommended by all car manufacturers. Its frequency is best to check in the technical documentation. Replacement of the timing must also be carried out after buying a used car - do not believe seller's ensure that he did it a month ago.


brake pads - front

It is difficult to determine exactly what many kilometers should replace the brake pads. A lot depends on how the car is used. If the car is mainly used to travel on the route, the service life of pads can reach 60 000 km. Navigating primarily the city can make that wear out after approx. 30 000 km.
If no symptoms are present, they changed every 30-50 thousand kilometers the assumed average, the brake discs can be mentioned as the second replacement blocks. The cost of a set of blocks (on axis) begins with a few dozen gold discs costing upwards of one hundred gold.


The air filter is part of the intake system. Captures contaminants which may get along with air into the engine.
When you know it's time to buy a new air filter? A clogged air filter can increase fuel consumption and power loss. Neglecting this element can have a negative effect on the engine cylinders and pistons.
The safest way is to replace it every 15 000 or every year depending on the degree of exploitation. This operation can be connected to eg. The replacement of oil and oil filter. The filter clogs quickly if you ride mostly around the city and places with high dust.

Fuel filter

fuel filter

Its purpose is to clean the fuel. You should know that fuel contamination are usually more dangerous in diesel than gasoline. This is due to the design solutions - especially with application high pressure injection equipment. Mostly in power systems spark ignition engines are used only mesh protective filters and small paper filters wired. The filter wire is installed in the engine as a rule between a feed pump and injectors. It's characterized by a relatively high durability. Adequacy of cleaning of the fuel is dependent on the type of paper.
Replace on the course beetwen 15 000 - 50 000 km.

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