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Ford Transit or Renault Master - which to choose?

Choosing a van is an important task for any entrepreneur. Today's article will focus on two popular models - the Ford Transit and the Renault Master. Both are leading players in the market, but in our opinion the Ford Transit performs better in a direct comparison. , 'Ford Transit vs Renault Master' is a classic duel, the outcome of which requires several aspects to be taken into account.

Reliability and durability

The Ford Transit is known for its reliability. The 2.0 EcoBlue Engine fitted in Transit models is one of the most durable on the market. Thanks to their design, they are able to run for many years without major faults. In comparison, the Renault Master does not always boast such a good reputation. The Transit has also become famous for the durability of its bodywork. Its simple yet robust design ensures that the car will last a long time, even under heavy use. The Master, although also solidly built, is no match for the Transit here.
Ford Transit Trail

Price and Maintenance Costs - Transit or Master

In terms of purchase price, the Ford Transit and Renault Master are in a similar range. However, the overall picture changes when maintenance costs are taken into account. The Ford Transit is known for its reliability, which directly translates into fewer breakdowns and therefore, lower servicing costs. In addition, ford transit parts come at relatively low prices. In practice, this means that even in the event of a breakdown, the Transit is usually cheaper to repair than the Renault Master. This difference becomes even more apparent in the long run. In addition, it is worth bearing in mind the cost of fuel. Here, too, the Ford Transit has an advantage. The EcoBlue engines are not only robust, but also offer better fuel efficiency, which translates into lower running costs.

Payload and Performance - Ford Transit vs Renault Master

When it comes to payload, the Ford Transit also trumps the Renault Master. The Transit is available in a variety of configurations, allowing the payload to be tailored to individual needs. In addition, the Ford offers a greater range of personalisation options, allowing the vehicle to be more tailored to the specifics of a particular business. In terms of performance, the Ford Transit is once again ahead of the Renault Master. Versions equipped with 2.0 EcoBlue engines offer excellent acceleration and a dynamic driving experience, even when fully loaded. As a result, the Transit is not only a practical, but also pleasant to drive van. Remember that you can buy bus parts in our online shop.


Safety is another area where the Ford Transit outperforms the Renault Master. The Transit is equipped with a number of state-of-the-art safety systems, such as the Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Traction Control System (TCS) and Emergency Brake Assist. These technologies help the driver to maintain control of the vehicle even in difficult road conditions. The Renault Master, although offering similar systems, does not match the level of safety offered by the Ford.
Ford Transit vs Renault Master

Summary - Ford Transit vs Renault Master

After comparing the Ford Transit with the Renault Master, it is clear to see why the Transit is so highly regarded in the van market. Reliability, durability, attractive price and maintenance costs, excellent payload and performance all combine to paint a picture of a vehicle ideally suited to business needs. That's why, in our opinion, if you're considering choosing between a Ford Transit or a Renault Master, we strongly recommend a Ford van.

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