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7 things you didn't know about Ford Transit!

Do you think Ford Transit does not have any secrets from you? Discover the history of flying 'Transit' and its speed record! 

1. Flying car!

Flying Ford Transit

In 1985, stuntman Steve Matthews  
decided to check it out.
He used Ford Transit to the
incredible jump over 15 cars

Other stunt doubted the success  
of this try but everything 
was  successfull! 


2. How many people can fit in a Ford Transit? 

Ford Transit record

To establish record! This was intention of group of students 
from Barking College in London in 1965!

They decided to see how many people will come 
Ford Transit (mk1 minibus). 
The result raised their expectations because 
the car entered 48 adults! 


3. Speed record 

Ford Transit - speed record

In order to present endurance of new 
diesel engine, two Ford Transits 
issued on weekly tests of
strength and high-speed
on the route Monza race in 1972. 

They beat three records established, including overcoming 16000 km with an average
speed of 118.583 km/h.


Engine Ecoblue diesel - ford transit

In 2016, Ford decided to replace
previously used engine 2.2 TDCi
a completely new construction. Motor 2.0 EcoBlue is available
variations with 105, 130 and 170 HP.

The new engine uses a number of innovations,
which allows to reduce friction and, consequently
help to reduce fuel consumption by 13 percent.
The performance of the new parts were tested over a distance of 5.5 million kilometers,
including the tests conducted by drivers in real operating conditions.

5. Ford Transit XXL - luxury limousine

transit xxl - transit center

Transit XXL length is 7,4 m,
a wheelbase lengthened to 5.9 m.
In Transit XXL mounted four
sliding door with tinted windows. Increases comfort luxury carpet and dual-zone air conditioning. In turn, several entertainment display connected to a set of multimedia.

6. Racing rafts - a floating Transit!

Swimming ford - transit center

In 1985, Ford built drifting
Transit to take part
in an unusual race rafts in Southend.
The car was modified accordingly, but did not bring victory in the Ford team!

But imagination deserves recognition.

7. Winter dream of a Transit...

Ford Transit under the snow

In October 1985, Juan Garcia
was caught by the snow storm of 3000 meters above sea level in the mountains

He was forced to abandon his Transit Combi, which covered the five-meter layer of snow. After half a year, in spring, he returned to the scene and seized a huge surprise.

His car didn't have any damage and fired for the first time!


Do you know that ... ?

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