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How does a ford transit perform in the snow?

Winter is a particularly challenging time for drivers, especially those behind the wheel of vans such as the Ford Transit. This article is designed to provide key information on how to effectively and safely manage this popular van in challenging winter conditions. Find out how to prepare your Ford Transit for winter and how to cope with snowy and icy roads.

Take extra care in winter conditions

During winter, road conditions can change dramatically, increasing the risk of accidents. Snow and ice can lead to skidding and loss of vehicle control, requiring drivers to be extra careful and cautious. It is important to understand how these conditions affect driving, as well as significantly increasing stopping distances. Responding correctly to these changes is key to maintaining safe driving. Many people replace their ford transit brake pads when replacing their tyres with winter tyres.
Ford Transit Snow

Drive type and snow behaviour

Vans are available in different drive configurations: FWD (front-wheel drive), RWD (rear-wheel drive) and AWD (all-wheel drive). FWD is often considered a better choice for snow due to the better grip of the front wheels. RWD may offer better weight distribution, but can be more difficult to control on slippery surfaces, especially when the vehicle is not fully loaded. AWD offers the best grip on snow and ice, but often comes with higher purchase and maintenance costs. Adapting the driving style to the drive type and road conditions is key to safe driving. Special attention should be paid to genuine Ford parts, which offer the highest quality.

Preparing your Ford Transit for winter

Adequate preparation of the vehicle for winter conditions is essential. The condition of the tyres, which are crucial for traction and safety, should be carefully checked, as well as the level of operating fluids such as winter washer fluid and antifreeze. Checking the battery is important as low temperatures can affect its performance. In addition, it is important to check the operation of the heating and defrosting system, which are crucial for comfort and visibility while driving. The trasit heater blend actuator, especially on MK6 and MK7 models.
Ford Transit MK8 winter

Preparing your van for winter - step by step

  • Check the condition of your tyres and their pressure to ensure adequate grip.

  • Check your coolant ford transit and windscreen washer fluid levels, using products designed for cold temperatures.

  • Make sure the battery is in good condition, which is key to starting the car in cold weather.

  • Check the operation of the lights and windscreen wipers, which are essential for good visibility.

  • Check the condition of the braking system, which is crucial for safe driving.

  • Check the operation of the heating and ventilation system to ensure comfort and avoid evaporation of the windows.

  • Regularly clean your vehicle of ice and snow, especially lights, windows and mirrors.

What auto parts break down in winter?

In winter conditions, some van parts are more prone to damage. Among the most vulnerable are the battery, ford transit wipers, lighting and the braking system. Cold weather can affect the effectiveness of the battery, while road salt and moisture can cause corrosion on brake components. Regular inspection and replacement of these parts, where necessary, is key to ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the vehicle during the winter.

Trateo winter hub tests

Summary: Ford Transit in winter

Properly preparing your Ford Transit for winter and following safe driving practices are essential to ensure safety and efficiency in harsh winter conditions. Regular condition checks and appropriate preventative measures can significantly reduce the risk of problems and breakdowns over the winter period. Following these tips will help drivers to keep their vehicles in optimum condition and ensure safe and efficient driving throughout the winter season. Remember to buy your van parts from our online shop!

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