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Transit Courier 2024 - best in Euro NCAP safety tests

Ford Transit Courier 2024 has emerged as a game-changer in the commercial vehicle segment, earning the prestigious platinum safety award from Euro NCAP. This accolade is particularly noteworthy as it was achieved under the new, more stringent testing protocols introduced in 2023. The Transit Courier 2024's success heralds a new era in vehicle safety, establishing a benchmark for future models.

Safety Achievement: Euro NCAP's Highest Ever Score

The Transit Courier 2024's remarkable achievement in the Euro NCAP safety tests is nothing short of historic, boasting a record-breaking score of 93%. This accomplishment not only demonstrates the van's advanced safety features but also reflects the critical role of ADAS in reducing the severity of van-involved accidents, a concern highlighted by Euro NCAP in their recent reports. You can find van parts in our online store.

Ford Transit Courier 2024 Euro NCAP

Advanced safety technology: a standard in the Transit Courier 2024

Setting a new standard in safety technology, the Transit Courier 2024 is equipped with pioneering features like the Lane Keeping System and Blind Spot Information System. These technologies contribute significantly to its impressive Euro NCAP score, with the Intelligent Speed Assist also receiving high marks. Ford Pro's commitment to safety is evident in making these advanced features standard across the Ford Transit Courier 2024 range.

Inclusive safety across all models

The comprehensive safety approach of the Transit Courier 2024 extends across all its models. This includes the petrol, diesel, and the forthcoming electric E-Transit Courier. This broad application of top-tier safety features across various powertrains demonstrates Ford's holistic approach to vehicle safety, ensuring that high standards are maintained regardless of the model. We recommend transit courier bonnet lock from our store.

Ford Transit Courier 2024 Euro NCAP

Euro NCAP: setting a new industry standard

Euro NCAP's Secretary General, Michiel van Ratingen, has endorsed the Transit Courier 2024 for setting a new benchmark in the industry. His commendation for the van's comprehensive safety equipment emphasizes the need for such technology in commercial vehicles, aligning with Euro NCAP's goal of equipping vans with advanced safety technologies similar to those in passenger cars.

Legacy of safety excellence

With the Ford Transit Courier 2024, Ford Pro continues its legacy of achieving top honors in vehicle safety. This van follows in the footsteps of the Transit and Transit Custom, further cementing Ford Pro's reputation for prioritizing safety. The consistent recognition by Euro NCAP highlights Ford Pro's commitment to safety across its vehicle range. You can find ford transit parts in our online store.

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