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TOP5 unusual Ford Transit vans

Welcome to our unusual review of the world's most unusual Ford Transits. This year marks 59 years since the first Ford Transit MK1 rolled out of the production plant. Since then, the iconic van has come a very long way. The engine versions and available equipment on the vehicle have changed. The design of the van as a whole has also changed many times, and smaller Transit sub-models - the Custom, Connect and Courier - have also appeared on the market. What has remained unchanged is the great imagination of van owners, which has resulted in the unusual designs that are the title characters of this article. No more extensions, just buckle up and get on with our article!

1. Ford Transit DriftBus

Our ranking opens with the delivery van that is closest to our heart. It is the Ford Transit Drift Bus with the powerful V8 engine from the BMW M5. The power of the engine is an insane 440 hp, which, combined with a 6-speed ZF gearbox (from BMW), Bilstein suspension and Wilwood brakes, creates a real explosive mix. Our company took an active part in the construction of this vehicle and the subsequent hub tests, which you can read more about here: Trateo Tests. The Ford Transit created for drifting was used at numerous motoring events, where car enthusiasts could admire this unique construction!
Transit Drift Bus  Transit V8 BMW M5

2. Ford Transit Hovervan

Another car was built for the popular Top Gear programme. The premise was simple: to create a vehicle that could navigate through water during floods. The first design proved to be a failure. However, the protagonists of the TV show did not let up and created a second design, which was powered by a 600 hp engine. The vehicle was able to stay afloat on the water, however, it was very difficult to control its 'track'. We encourage all Ford Transit enthusiasts to watch this episode. And don't forget that you can also buy Ford Transit parts in our online shop.
Transit Hovervan  Ford Transit Hovervan height=

3. Ford Transit XXL

This customised version of the Transit MK7 was designed and built in an English design centre. The vehicle has been adapted to comfortably carry 7 passengers (and 1 driver). The most interesting thing here is, of course, the dimensions. The Ford Transit XXL is 740 cm long, with a wheelbase of 590 cm. The vehicle features a basic engine - a 2.2l turbodiesel. What do you think of such an unusual design? If you are interested in how the XXL model differs from the standard version, be sure to check out the ford transit mk7 dimensions page.
Transit XXL height=   Ford Transit XXL height=

4. Ford Transit Train

In the article we have already introduced the Ford Transit for side-by-side driving, or at least the floating hovervan. Now it's time to look at unusual designs from Romania, namely vans converted into trains. Originally, this was a narrow, niche railway line used to transport timber. Nowadays, it is mainly a tourist attraction, providing access to the hard-to-reach mountain range of the Romanian Carpathians.
Ford Transit Romania  Ford Transit Train

5. 6-wheel Ford Transit

On one of the popular auction portals we recently came across an unusual sale offer. The ad was from the UK, where a Ford enthusiast had decided to build a 6-wheel drive version of the van. The vehicle passed the necessary technical tests in the UK and was approved. However, this is not the only 6-wheel Transit in the world. Below you will also find a picture of a camper van that also runs on 6 wheels! These 6-wheelers are just asking for a matching 15" hubcap for the ford transit!

Ford Transit 6 kół   6-kołowy Transit
What do you think of the designs shown? This is further proof that the Ford Transit remains one of the most iconic vans in the world. No other van has come in such a variety of unusual versions. The best proof of this is the fact that we didn't even mention the Ford Transit SuperVan design in the article, which recently reached its fourth generation!

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