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Technologies that can be found in your Ford Transit
about which you don’t even know!

Ford Transit is one of the most popular commercial cars on the European and the US market. Its current construction consist years of experience and dozens of technologies about which you have no idea.

The range of facilities starts with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). This is a speed control system that monitors the road ahead. ACC maintains a constant speed and an adequate distance from the vehicle in the path in front of our car.

Ford Transit - Radar - Pedestrian Detecion

Another element is the advanced driver assistance. For special attention deserves system to stabilize the vehicle during crosswind (Side Wind Stabilisation). System monitors sensors 100 times per second, and if a gust is detected, carefully applies the brakes on one side to help the driver stay in lane. A breakthrough in the field of safeness is a collision avoidance system (Pre-Collision Assist) with Pedestrian Detection function.These Technologies are based on a system of radars and cameras that enable the recognition of road signs.

Check out Pedestrian Detection capabilities in animation:

Pedestrian Detection - Ford Transit

Next improvements are related to the improvement of road safety. The improved system of electronic stability control ESC has been upgraded with Curve Control (automatic, gently braking during the acute entry into bend) and Roll Stability Control (provides stability and prevents tipping the car or its overturning).

Subsequent modifications are associated with electronic , namely the system SYNC 2. It replaced the previously used technology SYNC, which is a pioneer in touch-free, voice-to-use phone calls, messages, and MP3 player. Already the first version was equipped with emergency call function (Emergency Assist)which automatically links to the emergency services when an accident occurs. The system transmits GPS coordinates of the vehicle and allows to speak with the driver. The SYNC 2 is equipped with a new 6-inch color screen in high definition and voice control navigation or mobile phone.

Ford Transit - Sync 2

SYNC 2 in Ford Transit mk7


SYNC 3 - Ford Transit

Panel of new SYNC 3

But this is not over of news! After the success of the system SYNC 2, Ford doesn’t stand on its laurels, and tried to make adjustments to improve thier product. We didn’t wait long for the results, because in February 2016 years - SYNC 3 premiered. The biggest change? Refreshed, more intuitive interface. Enlarged buttons, simplifying access to information. SYNC 3 is approx. 10 times more efficient than SYNC 2. Regardless of whether you are using a touch screen or voice commands - all runs extremely smoothly.

Also, all indicates that in the near future will be able to order a six-speed automatic transmission in place of the six-speed manual transmission. Additional changes include the user Ford Transit Custom Kombi. For thier Will be available a new rear air suspension.

Do you know that ... ?

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