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Ford Transit Ghia Bus - The Forgotten Oldtimer

Ford Transit Ghia represents a somewhat unknown side of Ford's automotive heritage. In the world of commercial vehicles, where functionality usually dominates over luxury, Ford Transit Ghia broke the mold by offering a combination of practicality with exceptional comfort. This forgotten version, despite its brief history, deserves attention. Especially since original Ford parts for the Ghia version are true rarities and a rarity, real white crows among automotive parts.

Ford Ghia - What Does It Mean?

Ghia is a name referring to a special, luxury version of equipment for some Ford models. The beginnings of this collaboration date back to the 1950s and 60s, when Ford teamed up with an Italian car body design firm to create special, richly equipped versions of its models. In the Ford Transit Ghia, Ghia denotes the use of features such as leather seats, air conditioning, and electric windows, making it one of the most luxurious commercial vehicles available on the market. All thanks to unique parts for Transit.
Ford Transit FT100 Ghia

Examples of Ghia Models

Among the Ford models bearing the Ghia designation, we find cars like the 1991 Ford Fiesta GHIA 5D, equipped with a 1.4L engine and automatic transmission, and the 1987 Ford Granada 2.9i Ghia. Both models embody the Ghia philosophy, offering high-quality finishes, luxurious materials, and advanced technological solutions for maximum comfort. The Ghia line in Ford models is synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, as can be seen by analyzing the equipment of specific models from this series. Meanwhile, the Trateo company offers premium leaf spring for Ford Transit 1978-1985. But let's return to the Ghia vehicles...

Ford Fiesta Ghia

The 1991 Ford Fiesta GHIA 5D is not only characterized by an advanced 1.4L engine and automatic transmission but also offers a range of additional features that enhance comfort and aesthetics of driving. The interior of this model is finished with high-quality leather seats, and the comfort of the passengers is enhanced by electric window controls and an advanced air conditioning system. Externally, the Fiesta GHIA is distinguished by elegant, chrome details and special, lightweight rims, which underline its unique character.

Ford Granada Ghia

The 1987 Ford Granada 2.9i Ghia presents an even more developed approach to luxury. This model was equipped with a powerful 2.9-liter engine, which, combined with a richly equipped interior, made it one of Ford's flagship cars at that time. Granada Ghia offered not only leather upholstery and electric seat adjustments but also advanced audio systems and an optional electric sunroof, which further increased the pleasure of driving. Safety was also at a high level thanks to the advanced ABS system, which was a rarity in cars from that period.
Ford Transit Ghia Brochure

Ford Transit MK2 Ghia Bus – A Luxurious Delivery Vehicle

Ford Transit MK2 Ghia Bus is a real rarity among delivery vehicles. Produced between 1983-1986, it offered not only a spacious interior for nine passengers but also a range of additions that enhanced the driving comfort: from special body colors, through halogen headlights in the grille, to lighting in the legroom area of the passenger compartment. Additionally, there were engine options of 2.0 liters petrol and 2.4 liters diesel, making it a particularly flexible choice for demanding users. We're talking about the immortal Ford engines from the 80s! Parts for Ford Transit MK2 can be found in our online store.

Summary: A Brief History of Ford Transit Ghia

Ford Transit Ghia, as a representative of the exclusive Ghia equipment line, constitutes an important chapter in Ford's history, showing how luxury elements can find their place even in commercial vehicles. Although Ford no longer offers the Ghia version in its new models, the legacy of this line continues to live thanks to companies such as MS-RT, Carlex Design, or Xclusive. These companies continue the tradition of modifying Ford delivery vehicles, adding luxury and exclusivity.

FAQ: Transit Ghia

Is the Ford Transit Ghia available on the secondary market?

Ford Transit Ghia is a rarity on the secondary market due to its exclusivity and short production period.

What are the main differences between the standard Ford Transit and the Ghia version?

The Ghia version differs from the standard Transit through additions such as luxury interior finishes and better equipment.

Is it worth investing in a Ford Transit Ghia?

Investing in a Ford Transit Ghia can be valuable for collectors and enthusiasts of unique delivery vehicles.

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