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Ford Transit Tuning

Remember that the van of your business is a kind of business card on wheels! On the other hand, used privately - says a lot about the owner. The amount of time we spend on choosing the right brand and model car reflects on the fact that it reflects in part our lifestyle as well as ourselves. Fortunately - you have nothing to worry about! Ford Transit is an icon of quality and versatility among utility vehicles.

However, it is not easy to stand out on the crowded streets as they rush through a myriad of serially produced copies. How to add a bit of character and glitter to our Transit? Get your belts and learn more about delicate tuning that virtually anyone can afford!
The answer is chrome parts of the car body!

Chrome mirrors cover

Chrome mirror cover is the first element to give your vehicle a unique look! What's more - it increases the visibility of the van at low exposure, affecting road safety. Worth to be seen in harsh conditions.
Chrome is mounted to the exterior of the mirror. They give the original look to Ford Transit cars. By using high quality materials during production, this overlay retains its natural look for many years to come. It is also very easy to assemble. Just remove the protective foil from the mounting tape (inside of the case) and glue the chrome to the mirror of the car.
Keep in mind that the surface is degreased and that it should be installed in a positive ambient temperature.

Chromed door handles

Ford Transit – chromed door handles

Chromed door handles will add character to your Ford Transit!
The handle casings are weather-proof - no weather is bad for them! Thanks to that they can serve for a long time. They are mounted on a degreased substrate by tearing off the foil tape of the mounting tape, which is located on the inside of the overlay.
Perfectly shaped chrome once set aside for a long time intact under the influence of external conditions.
The handle covers available in our shop are made by a reputable Trateo. company.

Chromed rear light

chromed rear light - ford transit

Chromed rear light were manufactured for the Ford Transit MK8. Its production started in 2014. It represents the latest generation Transit model. The modernity of this vehicle can be emphasized in a simple, perfectly matched lamp cap. Chromes are glued to the rear lamps with a double-sided tape on the inside of the overlay. The most important advantage is its strength - it has a very strong glue, ensuring the stability of this part.
Chromy lamps available in our shop are characterized by very high quality material, resistant to weather-related hardships. It retains its natural appearance for many years after its founding.

Chrome surround grille fog light lamp


Chromed surround grille fog light lamp for Ford Transit Connect MK1 versions available since 2009 are the latest proposal in today's post. Halogen caps emphasize the luxury of our car - ideal for businessmen. What does the overlay assembly look like? Please: we scrape off the substrate, remove the protective film of the mounting tape. REMEMBER to chrome mount components in positive ambient temperature. After application - press the car body cover.
These simple elements will make your Ford Transit stand out from the crowd and highlight your individualism.

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