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Engines and engines accessories Mercedes Sprinter 906 include belt tensioner, pulley, gaskets and seals

In the category Engines and engines accessories for Mercedes Sprinter 2006 you will find spare parts such as oil pan gasket, multi-V-belt tensioner, crankshaft pulley and many more.
The second generation of the Mercedes Sprinter came with engines of many variants of engine capacity and power. Diesel engines are the most frequently chosen engines in vans due to their durability and low fuel consumption. The Mercedes Sprinter was available with 2.2 CDI engines with the following powers: 88 KM, 109 KM, 129 KM, 150 KM (before facelift) and 95 KM, 129 KM, 163 KM. Diesel engines 3.0 CDI V6 before facelift reached the power of 184 HP and after facelifting their power increased to 190 HP. Gasoline engines installed in Mercedes vans were designated 1.8 I4 and 3.5 V6 with 156 HP and 258 HP. In this notation, the designations I4 and V6 denote the arrangement and the number of cylinders. I4 is the designation for a four-cylinder engine with in-line cylinders. It is the most common engine layout in all internal combustion engines due to its simple design and small dimensions. V6 stands for a six-cylinder V-shaped engine. The engines in this system are characterized by a higher work culture than inline engines. V-type engines are characterized by a greater range of RPM in which they achieve maximum torque, which is extremely important when carrying heavy loads. However, nothing is for free, V6 engines have a higher fuel consumption than I4 engines. In the case of diesel engines, the difference in fuel consumption between the weakest 2.2 CDI engine and the 3.0 CDI engine can be as much as 4L / 100km.

Multi V-belt, tensioners and pulleys Mercedes Sprinter 2006

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