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Citroën Jumper 2nd Generation

Citroën Jumper II was presented for the first time in 2006. The new version was a compromise between good, proven construction solutions and a more modern look. Thus, the drive units were re-mounted under the hood crosswise. The new generation of Citroen Jumper had front-wheel drive, which became a standard solution also among other manufacturers. For many years, the final design of the vehicle has been worked to further reduce air resistance. Cx = 0.31 was achieved. The interior of Citroen Jumper II was to combine the advantages of a van and a passenger car, i.e. high loading potential while at the same time comfortable use. It was decided to introduce equipment and technologies that were previously used only in passenger cars. We are talking about satellite navigation, automatic air conditioning or an audio system with a speakerphone.

In 2014, due to changes in the commercial vehicle segment, Citroen have decided to facelift its biggest van. It should be noted, however, that the changes were not big. The most important of them concerned the introduction of a new shape of lights. The front bumper has also been slightly transformed. The design itself, on which Citroen Jumpers are based, has remained basically unchanged. Instead, it was decided to expand the range of products for new areas of life. For people who need high space potential, vehicles with 1945 kg capacity, 17 m³ space load and a total weight of up to 4 tons have been created. Market analyzes clearly showed that the commercial vehicle segment is completely dominated by diesel engines. Therefore, it was decided to radically move away from gasoline units. Citroën is persistent in its decisions because to this day there are no Jumpers with petrol engines on the European market. New van have one new practical solutions - a special pocket for a 1.5 liter bottle has been added to the door.

 To meet customer expectations, a swing rear door was created in two variants: 96 ° or 180 °. They were placed on retractable, stable handles. An optional 270 ° door opening function is available with special hinges that hold the door leaves in position along the sides of the van. Another convenience is the large width of the cargo space (1.87 m between the walls). It was also decided to completely change the engine's generation to meet the stringent exhaust emission requirements. The 2-liter motor was replaced by a larger, 2.2-liter one. It is a unit called BlueHDI, compliant with the latest Euro 6d standards and offering 120, 140 or 165 HP. All new engines now go hand in hand with the start-stop system.

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