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Double leaf spring Ford Transit 2014 TrateoDouble leaf spring Ford Transit 2014 2360719Double leaf spring Ford Transit 2014 KK315560MA

Double leaf spring Ford Transit 2014 Trateo


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Double leaf spring Ford Transit 2014 Trateo

Double leaf spring Ford Transit 2014 is a key element of the suspension, absorbing the burden of the bodywork and the vibrations of the chassis resulting from driving on uneven roads. The product is ended with bushings that enable the installation of a double leaf spring in a Ford van. The 2-leaf spring is made of high-strength spring steel. This leaf spring is made of two leaves (layers), which significantly strengthen the vehicle's suspension. Part of the suspension will be perfect for vehicles exposed to high overload, e.g. with double rear wheels (twin rear wheels). Double leaf spring for Ford Transit MK8 and facelift version (MK9) is a proven high-quality spare part that will support the suspension of your vehicle.
Parts manufactured in Poland for the Trateo company

Length from the bushings to the middle: 695mm - 680mm
Width at the middle: 76 mm
Thickness: 36 mm (17 + 19)
Bushings diameter: 16mm / 14mm
Overall length: 1375 mm

Suitable for:
Ford Transit MK8 2014-2019
Ford Transit MK9 2019-


KK31-5560-MA , KK315560MA

BK31-5560-MM , BK315560MM

BK31-5560-MK , BK315560MK

BK31-5560-MJ , BK315560MJ

BK31-5560-MH , BK315560MH

BK31-5560-MG , BK315560MG

BK31-5560-MF , BK315560MF

BK31-5560-ME , BK315560ME

BK31-5560-MD , BK315560MD

BK31-5560-MB , BK315560MB


2360719 , 2359684

2271526 , 2030947

1892610 . 1877373

1865170 , 1828714

1814332 , 1809632

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