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Double leaf spring Mercedes Sprinter 2006 TrateoDouble leaf spring Mercedes Sprinter 2006 Trateo BushingDouble leaf spring Mercedes Sprinter 2006 Trateo middleDouble leaf spring Mercedes Sprinter 2006 Trateo

Double leaf spring Mercedes Sprinter 2006 Trateo


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Double leaf spring Mercedes Sprinter 2006 Trateo

The Mercedes Sprinter rear double-leaf spring is a very important part of the suspension system that supports the weight of the van and also the cargo space. At both ends of the spare part, there are durable metal-rubber bushings, which allow the leaf spring to be mounted in the van. The 2-leaf spring is made of high-quality spring steel. The highest quality of materials used for the production of the 2-leaf spring contributes to its long service life and high resistance to heavy loads. To ensure safety, the leaf springs on the Mercedes Sprinter must be in the best possible condition. Order the highest-quality spare parts in our online store today.
Part manufactured in Poland for the Trateo company

Length from the bushings to the middle: 740mm - 750mm
Width at the middle: 70 mm
Thickness: 36 mm (18 + 18)
Bushings diameter: 12mm / 12mm
Overall length: 1490 mm



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