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Ford Taunus history

Ford Taunus Transit – a van initially produced under the names Ford FK1000 and Ford Transit 1250, only at the end of production (1961) was decided on the name Taunus Transit. Ford FK1000, Taunus Transit was produced in the years 1953 - 1965 at the Ford factory in Köln-Niehl, Germany, and in the assembly plants located in Azambuja (Portugal) in the years 1964 - 1966.

Ford Taunus Transit has appeared in several versions: Taunus 12M, Taunus 15M, Taunus 17M and FK1000 / 1250. In addition to the new name, it didn’t change much at beginning. Model 1250 was still equipped with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine, and 1.2-liter engines were available only in the 1000 Combi and Van versions.

Ford Taunus Transit Replika Lotus

In April 1962, a new version of the Ford Taunus with a load capacity of 800 kilograms (G1BT) appeared. It was characterized by a smaller size of tires and wheel rims. Ford Taunus G1BT had a more economical 55 hp engine. The Ford Taunus Transit 800 successfully replaced the 1000 and 1250 models, offered in almost every body version except for the double cab chassis version based on the frame.

In September 1963, Ford decided to re-improve the existing model and offered its customers a version of Ford Taunus Transit 1500, which was characterized by an increased payload of up to 1500 kilograms. It was offered with a gasoline engine with a capacity of 1.7 liters and 60 HP (Taunus 17M). Model 1500 introduced a number of changes, including equipped with double wheels at the rear, received a reinforced front axle and the braking system ford transit has been modified.

Ford Taunus Transit 1500 was also offered in a special version marked as Westfalia. This model is nothing more but a camper van. Westfalia could easily compete with the popular Volkswagen Transporter T1. Taunus Transit Westfalia characterized by a raised roof and interior fitting-full of the most necessary things for the trip.

In 1964, Ford decided to modernize its Ford Taunus Transit model for the last time and presented a model with a two-wire braking system together with a servo, a three-point front seat belt and a 12V system with a three-phase alternator. In December 1965* the last Ford Taunus Transit 1000 left the factory gates in Köln, Germany. In the same month, sales of the next generation of Ford Transit began.

* on the southern European market, the Ford Transit Taunus models were produced until mid-1966 at the Azambuja factory in Portugal.

Ford Taunus Transit 1965


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