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Tie rod end Ford Transit 2000-2013Tie rod end Ford Transit 2000-2013Tie rod end Ford Transit 2000-2013

Tie rod end Ford Transit 2000-2013



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Tie rod end Ford Transit 2000-2013

Tie Rod end Ford Transit fits version MK6 and MK7. The end of one side is screwed to the tie rod ball joint completed with the second knuckle. Causes turn the wheel. It is an important element of the steering system. The Ford Transit tie rod end is a good quality replacement.

Suitable for:
Ford Transit MK6 2000-2006
Ford Transit MK7 2006-2013


6C11-3289-AC , 6C113289AC

6C11-3289-AB , 6C113289AB

6C11-3289-AA , 6C113289AA

6C11-3289-AC , 6C113289AC

6C1J-3289-AA , 6C1J3289AA

YC1J-3289-AA , YC1J3289AA

YC15-3289-AA , YC153289AA

F33C-3C633-AA , F33C3C633AA

F1VC-3C633-BA , F1VC3C633BA


1743642 , 1490759

1370741 , 1743642

1736669 , 1138275

4047091 , 6842486


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