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Ford Transit 2019 - MK8 facelift

Ford Transit 2019 – in 2019, to keep up with trends prevailing on the van market, Ford decided to carry out a facelift Ford Transit MK8 model. The new model combines intelligent and practical technology, a new interior, a modernized front with greater transport capabilities, as well as more economical power units.

Ford Transit 2019

The new Ford Transit 2019 is available in the Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (mHEV) version, which will ensure incredible fuel savings and significantly reduce emissions to the environment. The modern mHEV engine is the first of its kind hybrid solution for "large" commercial vehicles. In addition, customers have additional choice of modern 2.0 liter EcoBlue diesel engines, generating power from 105 to 185 horsepower at 415 Nm of torque meeting the stringent Euro 6.2 exhaust standards. New 10-speed automatic transmission was announced with the presentation of the new Ford Transit 2019. It’s available only with rear-wheel drive.

Big changes in the interior of the Ford Transit MK8 after facelifting. The completely new dashboard in van is now referring to most popular Ford cars. In the dashboard’ center there is an 8-inch screen for managing the intelligent multimedia system in the new Ford Transit 2019. New Ford Transit is for the 1st time available with a FordPass Connect modem that offers access to a 4G WiFi network for up to ten devices and current traffic notifications (sent in real time to Ford's satellite navigation).

Ford Transit 2019 is produced, just like the version before facelifting, in two facilities located in two different regions of the world. All European and Asian production of the Transit MK8 model comes from a factory located in Koacela, Turkey. The models offered in North America and South America leave the factory located in Kansas City in Claycomo, Missouri.

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