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Transit Center <br/> History

Transit Center


From love and passion!

The beginning of the Transit Center is closely related to huge passion for motoring and the great love of two people. These two reasons caused that at the end of 1996, after our marriage, TC company was created. At the beginning it was called PHU "Bimera" and was the first step on the long road that we walking (/beating) to this day...

Marcin Wicik

was created. The beginnings were difficult, we started practically from scratch. The first money earned in Great Britain and borrowed from the family was invested in a plot of land in Pędzewo. With time, temporary makeshift garages and a wooden office are built on it. This is how our adventure began!

Transit Center 1996
Ford Transit MK5 Transit Center History

1997 - 2004

Endless journey
for parts

We change the name to the Transit Center. From that moment, we only deal with the trade of parts for Ford Transit. This period meant continuous trips to Great Britain in search of used parts. The journey was always accompanied by Ford Transit MK5, which has earned the greatest sentiment in our hearts. Transit van has always brought us home safely!


Importing parts
from abroad

In addition to personal Transit trips, we're starting to import parts on a larger scale. Lorries loaded to roofs come to the company, and the first containers had arrived at the port.

Importing parts to Transit Center
Build of warehouse Transit Center


First Major Investment
Warehouse Hall

Our first major investment was construction of a warehouse. The project required the help of neighbors and three months of daily work. As a result, the first warehouse for used parts was created and a workshop dealing with technical service of delivery and racing cars. It was this year that we started the construction of the first racing cars!


Build of first website

Another big step forward. The first website of the Transit Center was created, and the range of products was extended to include new parts. Trip to the USA, interest in online commerce, willingness to develop and cooperation with Jakub Nita #Qbaends with the construction of the first website -

Transit Center Motorsport wins Championship


Transit Center Motorsport
Rallycross Championship

The Transit Center company has always been strongly associated with motorsport and exactly with the rallycross. Cooperation with many companies in this field resulted in winning the Polish Rallycross 2007 Championship by the Transit Center team. The winning car was the Ford Focus!


First online store
in Polish

The first Polish-language online store is created with new parts for Ford Transit. Already at the beginning of the Internet trade, our store had a wide range of new parts. After a few months, the first orders from abroad began to appear.

First Onlineshop Transit Center


Drift Bus construction
based on Ford Transit van

The concept of constructing the world's first delivery vehicle for motorsport was born in the mind of Marcin Wicik in 2010. The original idea was to build the first Transit Ford for Rallycross. Ultimately, the vehicle was adapted to drifting, thanks to cooperation with Polody Performance.

Drift Bus Transit Center


Extension Company area

Thanks to the purchase of a neighboring plot together with office buildings, Transit Center expands its area creating the possibility of expanding the back office in the following years.

Extension company Transit Center


The first foreign store in English
appears on the web!

Travels in Europe related to motorsport and contacts with local businessmen intensify our appetite for further development. Thus, we created the first English-language store, focused on sales abroad. This is the beginning of our expansion into European markets!


Extension of Office Buildings
Expansion to western Markets (France, Italy, Germany)

We focus on development! We have opened an online store for more countries, including Germany, Italy and France. On the purchased property, we are expanding office buildings, creating modern customer service facilities and an IT department at the Transit Center. The high supply led to the takeover of Titan Parts company which deals in the distribution and sale of parts for delivery vans.

Expansion Transit Center
Transit Center Warehouse


Building of
new warehouse

The systematic implementation of the set goals has created the demand for the construction of a new warehouse. After arranging the square in the old part of the company, we place the largest building in the entire Transit Center, i.e. a new warehouse. This investment provides us with sufficient storage space until 2022!

2015 - 2018

More online stores!
We're in 22 countries!

We have expanded our IT department, created a separate group dealing with advertising, social media in our store and running a company blog. We have built a professional photo studio to provide customers with reliable and professional preview of products purchased on the web. We have translated our store into new languages ​​- thus at the end of 2018 we are in 22 European countries!

Transit Center in 22 countries!
Fusion with Transland


Further activities on the network

In 2019, Transit Center company took over one of the largest companies in Poland, specializing in the sale of spare parts for Ford Transit van. The merger with Transland from Leszno, consolidated the strong position of our company on the domestic market. Increasing the number of Transit parts in our storehouse proceeded in parallel with improvement of the company's image in the network. Main goal was position in the Google and improvement of communication with clients in social media. The facebook profile exceeded 10,000 likes, while in the British store we’ve introduced communication by Messenger app.


Sporting success and partnerships

We won the Polish Rallycross Vice-Championship as the sponsoring team of Wicik Motorsport. The 600-horsepower Focus RX with the Transit Center logo competed successfully on European race tracks. We established business partnerships with Trateo and NGK, which had a positive impact on the quality of the products offered.

The successes of Transit Center Motorsport

Ecology in the Transit Center


Direction: Ecology

We have implemented special procedures in line with Finnish standards to reduce waste generated in the process of packing parts and shipping them. Parcel fillings are made from used recycled paper, the adhesive tape used to pack parts is recycled, and advertising flyers are based on natural materials.


New chapter in TC history

We introduced parts for vans made by different manufacturers to our range. The year 2022 brought huge geopolitical changes that affected international sales and the e-commerce industry. We adapted our shop and operating strategy to the dynamically changing market, putting quality first.

Bus parts in the Transit Center

Ceo Transit Center

Monika Morzyńska-Wicik


Modern Selfmade Woman - how to develop a company with three children?

The automotive company, which is undoubtedly the Transit Center, is a huge piece of my life. I devoted a lot of time, commitment and passion to it. Although I don’t have education related to car mechanics (because I graduated from economics), I am probably the only woman in the world who has all the parts for Ford Transit in a small finger.

For 20 years I have known all the possible ills, faults and failures occurring in Transits. Dozens vans was miraculously healed with a few telephone tips. However, work isn’t everything! I am an ordinary mother of three wonderful children. I like physical effort - from fitness classes, through Zumba to Pilates. Recipe for success? Realization of goals, great family, striving for perfection.

Monika Morzyńska-Wicik

Transit Center in Europe