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Ignition switch Ford Transit 1986-2000 TrateoIgnition switch Ford Transit 1986-2000 TrateoIgnition switch Ford Transit 1986-2000 TrateoIgnition switch Ford Transit 1986-2000 Trateo

Ignition switch Ford Transit 1986-2000 Trateo


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Ignition switch Ford Transit 1986-2000 Trateo

Ignition Switch Ford Transit 1986 - 2000 designed for twin Transit models they are MK3, MK4 and MK5. Complete ignition for Ford Transit, together with the contribution and keys. The replacement product manufactured by Trateo. Ignition switch with plug-in designed to be mounted in place of ignition in such a way that we do not need to modify anything.

Suitable for:
Ford Transit MK3 1986 - 1991
Ford Transit MK4 1991 - 1994
Ford Transit MK5 1994 - 2000


98VB-3675-AB , 98VB3675AB

98VB-3675-AA , 98VB3675AA

86VB-3675-A1J , 86VB3675-A1J

D86VB-3675-A1H , D86VB3675A1H

86VB-3675-A1H , 86VB3675A1H

86VB-3675-A1G , 86VB3675A1G

86VB-3675-A2J , 86VB3675A2J

86VB-3675-A2H , 86VB3675A2H

86VB-3675-A2G , 86VB3675A2G

86VB-3675-A1F , 86VB3675A1F

86VB-3675-A1E , 86VB3675A1E

86VB-3675-A1D , 86VB3675A1D

86VB-3675-A1C , 86VB3675A1C

86VB-3675-A1B , 86VB3675A1B

95VB-3675-AB , 95VB3675AB

95VB-3675-AA , 95VB3675AA


1053774 ,1047430

6177569 , 1649259

6172049 , 1641200

6177570 , 6172050

1641201 , 6162534

6161132 , 6158560

6156070 , 6147862

7286176 , 7204728

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