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Iveco Daily 1986 - the second generation of a reliable van

In 1986, Iveco showed the world a refreshed version of its commercial vehicle which is the Iveco Daily. The new model is called the second generation of Iveco Daily by the majority of customers and people from the industry. Homever, In the brand nomenclature, it’s marked only as a visual change of the first generation. For simplicity, we will use the commonly known designation and we will refer to the Iveco Daily of 1986 as the second generation, because the changes Iveco has made in this model are so much that to call it only the first generation face lifting isn’t enough.

Of course, the 2nd generation Iveco Daily made its debut with a turbocharger. TurboDaily has become the best-selling model at Iveco thanks to its driveability and driving specification. The new 2.5-liter diesel unit generated exactly 103 hp, offering much better acceleration. In 1996, a new 2.8-liter power unit with 103 hp joined the engine range. Despite the same power as the 2.5-liter engine, the van consumed less diesel per 100 km. The engine was running at a lower rpm, thanks to which it was less strained. Later, an intercooler was added to the engine and 122 horsepower was achieved.

Ultimately, until the end of production of the second generation, Iveco Daily was offered with the following power units: 2.5 Diesel (75HP), 2.5 Turbo (103 HP), 2.5 TDI (115 HP), 2.8 Diesel (85 HP), 2.8 Turbo (103 HP), 2.8 TDI (118 hp) and 2.8 TDI (122 hp).

In 1996, Iveco Daily introduced a slight modernization of the front. It uses a smaller air intake grille. This was due to the addition of the intercooler. From the second generation, Iveco Daily also offered a 6-ton version marked with the symbol 59. This version of the Iveco Daily usually appeared with the most powerful diesel engine with a capacity of 2.8 liters and 122 hp. It was an ideal base for the production of small buses.

In 1998, just one year before the presentation of the next generation of Iveco Daily, the EcoDaily model was presented. Eco - in this case means CNG supply system with natural gas. EcoDaily has become an extremely popular model in a very short time. In 1998, an automatic transmission was also presented for the first time. Iveco, by combining CNG supply and automatic gearshift, was a really economical utility vehicle chosen by tens of thousands customers.

Model designation: Models of the second generation Iveco Daily were marked with 3 or 4 digits separated by a dot. The first two numbers denoted the approximate total permissible mass (DMC). After the dot there is usually one or two numbers denoting the approximate maximum power in HP. (30.8 - DMC: 2.8 tons, 75 HP; 45.10 - DMC: 4.5 tons, 103 HP).

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