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Left lock door Ford Transit 2000-2013 Trateo

Left lock door Ford Transit 2000-2013 Trateo


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Left lock door Ford Transit 2000-2013 Trateo

Left lock door Ford Transit 2000-2013 designed to MK6 and MK7 models equipped with central locking. It is also adapted to the lock insert, which allows you to open and close the lock using the key. The lock is mounted in the front left door using three screws. It is sold in a set with an internal handle. Door lock left front is a high-class product. It was produced by Trateo. It is a leading manufacturer of Ford truck parts.



Ford Number:

YC1A-V21813-BR ( YC1AV21813BR )
YC1A-V21813-BP ( YC1AV21813BP )
YC1A-V21813-BN ( YC1AV21813BN )
YC1A-V21813-BM ( YC1AV21813BM )
YC1A-V21813-BL ( YC1AV21813BL )
YC1A-V21813-BK ( YC1AV21813BK )
YC1A-V21813-BJ ( YC1AV21813BJ )
YC1A-V21813-BH ( YC1AV21813BH )
YC1A-V21813-BF ( YC1AV21813BF )
YC1A-V21813-BE ( YC1AV21813BE )
YC1A-V21813-BD ( YC1AV21813BD )
YC1A-V21813-BC ( YC1AV21813BC )

Suitable for:
Ford Transit MK6 2000-2006
Ford Transit MK7 2006-2013

Condition - new

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 by Matteo   Date Added:
Serratura perfetta tranne che per un piccolo dettaglio sulla maniglia interna incastrata.per il rest
 by Philippe   Date Added:
Parfait conforme a ma demande
 by Munkácsi   Date Added:
Nem működik rendesen, akadozik,szeretném kicserélni.
 by Munkácsi   Date Added:
Nem jó, akadozik, szeretném kicseréltetni.
 by Multitecnica Lda   Date Added:
A peça funciona na perfeição
 by Zsolt   Date Added:
Sajnos nem igazán működik, belülről nem is nyitható, csak ha távirányítóval nyitom, kilinccsel nem n
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