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Left long arm electric mirror Ford Transit 2000-2013 Trateo

Left long arm electric mirror Ford Transit 2000-2013 Trateo



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Left long arm electric mirror Ford Transit 2000-2013 Trateo

Left long arm electric mirror Ford Transit 2000-2013 heated. The side mirror is bolted to the car's body with 3 screws. It has an electric cube for 5 pins. Fits Transit MK6 and MK7. The exterior mirror has two mirrors - the upper one, which is heated and electrically controlled, and the lower one called spherical. The left mirror on the long arm Ford Transit is a high quality product from Trateo.

European version - left hand drive ( LHD )

Suitable for:
Ford Transit MK6 2000-2006
Ford Transit MK7 2006-2013


6C11-17683-DKYGAX , 6C1117683DKYGAX

6C11-17683-DJYGAX , 6C1117683DJYGAX

6C11-17683-DHYGAX , 6C1117683DHYGAX

6C11-17683-DGYGAX , 6C1117683DGYGAX

6C11-17683-DFYGAX , 6C1117683DFYGAX

6C11-17683-DEYGAX , 6C1117683DEYGAX

6C11-17683-DDYGAX , 6C1117683DDYGAX

6C11-17683-DCYGAX , 6C1117683DCYGAX

6C11-17683-DBYGAX , 6C1117683DBYGAX

VYC15-17683-DEYGAX , VYC1517683DEYGAX

VYC15-17683-DDYGAX , VYC1517683DDYGAX

VYC15-17683-DCYGAX , VYC1517683DCYGAX

VYC15-17683-DBYGAX , VYC1517683DBYGAX

VYC15-17683-DAYGAX , VYC1517683DAYGAX

6C11-17683-DAYGAX , 6C1117683DAYGAX


1820113 , 1732323

1732322 , 1714714

1673078 , 1610260

1503698 , 1485553

1471066 , 1352363

1301820 , 1231563

1226346 , 1141722


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