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Logo Transit Center

Logo Transit Center
Logo Transit Center
The Transit Center logo is a combination of Symbol and Text. The Transit Center logo consists of a regular hexagon in which the letters T and C are hidden. These letters symbolise the Transit Center company name. The word Transit has a key meaning here. From the very beginning, our company has been associated with the sale of Ford Transit parts. The word Center connotes a centre, i.e. a place where you can find all the parts you need for your vehicle. The Transit Center logo comes in two versions: the official one - the symbol is on the top, and the alternative one - the symbol is on the left. We use the alternative version of the logo on the shop page.

Transit Center logotype

With its unique logotype and distinctive colours, Transit Center stands out from the competition. The company's logotype depicts the orange TC lettering, reminiscent of a cogwheel in a modernist design, placed inside a regular hexagon. With this motif, we allude to strength, endurance and constant innovation in the automotive world. The Transit Centre logo could be seen on many of the projects we have carried out - vans and racing cars. The colours we identify with are orange, black and grey.

The meaning of the colours in TC

Orange symbolises the energy, optimism and entrepreneurial spirit inherent in our philosophy. This colour attracts attention, is associated with innovation and expresses our relentless drive for continuous improvement. Black, on the other hand, is associated with elegance, professionalism and self-confidence. In our company, it means that we take care of every detail and strive to meet the highest standards in quality and customer service. Grey symbolises solidity and stability, which is particularly important in the automotive sector where reliability and dependability are key.

At the Transit Centre, we combine these three colours to create a unique and memorable experience for our customers. We focus on a positive atmosphere that motivates us to continue to grow, while providing a sense of security and trust among our customers. We invite you to work with Transit Center - a reliable partner in the world of van parts. Together we can achieve exceptional results and contribute to the success of your business!
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