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Mercedes Sprinter parts shop - spare and genuine parts

Mercedes Sprinter parts are genuine and spare parts for a Mercedes van. Mercedes Sprinter is a leading light commercial vehicle of the German van manufacturer, which made its debut on the market in 1995. The first generation of the Mercedes Sprinter replaced the previous van model, which was the Mercedes T1 (duck). The development of the new delivery vehicle was crowned with the creation of Mercedes-Benz Vans, a special organizational unit dealing with delivery vehicles. The introduction of the Mercedes Sprinter I to the market was forced by the evolution of the industry and changes in the commercial vehicle market. Automakers moved away from angular bodywork shapes in order to achieve a more streamlined shape and to reduce the air coefficient. The Mercedes Sprinter was characterized by a more dynamic design and a different arrangement of the engine, which resulted in lowering the noise inside the cabin. Mercedes Sprinter parts were also noteworthy for their high build quality.

Mercedes Sprinter parts for different versions

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