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Ford Motorcraft - genuine spare parts from Ford

The Ford Motorcraft brand was created by the Ford Motor Company back in 1972. It was a separate administrative unit that dealt with the issue of automotive parts. The Ford Motorcraft brand concerned both original parts and high-quality spare parts. Today, the Ford Motorcraft brand refers to spare parts that are officially approved by the Ford Group. Ford Motorcraft products have to meet strict technical requirements that are the same as genuine parts, but are very often produced by subcontractors. Ford Motorcraft parts can therefore be considered to be genuine spare parts, approved by the Ford Motor Company!

Motorcraft parts - Ford's own brand

Motorcraft parts are Ford's own brand and offer the quality of genuine products. Motorcraft parts are also referred to as original spare parts because they are treated by authorised Ford service centres as genuine parts. This is particularly important while the car's warranty is in force. Ford Motorcraft parts include brake pads and discs, batteries, tyres, shock absorbers and performance parts. Our company sells authorised Motorcraft products that come from a legitimate source. Motorcraft parts are classified as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), which means they are parts that are pre-installed in Ford cars, but have been manufactured by a subsidiary Motorcraft company. Motorcraft brand production lines are based on exactly the same materials and designs as the original parts. Interestingly, some Motorcraft factories also produce Ford OE parts, but with a different manufacturer's logo. This is possible thanks to an agreement signed between the two companies. Motorcraft parts are an interesting alternative to OE products, as they offer very good build quality at a better price than OE products.

Front wheel bearing hub Ford Transit MK6 Motorcraft

Ford Motorcraft parts - opinions

Many people look for information about the different brands and their quality before buying parts for Ford Transit. Ford Motorcraft parts have good reviews among car owners and mechanics. After all, you can get very good quality products at a competitive price. The best reviews are for Motorcraft parts such as oils and brake pads. Motorcraft engine oils have American and European quality certificates and are manufactured for Ford vehicles. Subcontractors that make Ford Motorcraft parts include Valeo, Lucas, Bosch, Hella, TRW or even Sony. You can also find reviews for individual Motorcraft parts in our online shop on the specific product page. The Motorcraft parts reviews that are displayed on the product pages come from real customers who have purchased from our shop.

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Recommended Motorcraft Ford Transit parts

Wondering which Ford Motorcraft parts for vans are worth buying? Here are recommendations based on our experience. The braking system is a very important part of any car, as it is a guarantee of the driver's safety. That is why we have decided to introduce Motorcraft brand brake pads and discs, which stand out for their quality when compared to spare parts. Our most recommended products also include Motorcraft XR 15W40 engine oil, which unfortunately is no longer produced. Find our Motorcraft parts recommendation for your ford transit below.

Ford Transit MK6: Front brake pads transit 2000-2006
Ford Transit MK7: Front brake pads Ford Transit MK7
Ford Transit MK8: Brake pads Ford Transit 2014
Ford Transit Custom: Brake pads Ford Transit Custom
Ford Transit Connect: Brake pads Ford Transit Connect 2002

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