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1st generation Vauxhall Movano - cooperation paid off

The first generation of Opel Movano debuted on the market in 1997 and was characterized by very good transport properties as well as comfort of travelling. First generation Opel Movano, manufactured by Sovab, belonging to the Renault group and was based in Batilly, France. To production of van were used components from Vauxhall. However, the cooperation was based on the principle that, in exchange for the supply of the Movano model, General Motors produced the Renault Traffic in Luton, UK and delivered it to France.

The power units used in the first generation of Vauxhall Movano were already well-known diesel engines with a capacity of 80 to 145 horsepower. The weakest diesel unit with a capacity of 1.9 dTi generated 80 hp. Diesel engines used in Vauxhall Movano models before lifting are: 1.9 dTi (80 HP), 2.2 DTI (90HP), 2.5 D (80 HP), 2.5 DTI (115 HP), 2.8 DTI (114 HP).

The first generation Vauxhall Movano underwent a number of stylistic changes in 2003. The headlights, radiator grille, bonnet and front bumper have been redesigned. Many drivers liked the new design. After refreshing the external appearance, Opel have changed also the power units. From 2003, Vauxhall Movano’s customers had a choice of 2.5 CDTI engines with 100 to 145 hp.

Vauxhall Movano, like its twin model, appeared with three wheelbases: L1, L2 and L3. Opel Movano L1 had a wheelbase of 3078 mm, L2 - 3578 mm, while the wheelbase in L3 was as much as 4078 mm. In addition, Opel Movano allowed the choice of several types of body and depending on the version allowed a comfortable journey for two or even sixteen passengers.

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