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Power steering hose Ford Transit FWD 2014 Custom LHD

Power steering hose Ford Transit FWD 2014 Custom LHD


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Power steering hose Ford Transit FWD 2014 Custom LHD

Power steering hose Ford Transit 2014 Custom LHD is routed from the power steering pump to the steering gear (power steering rack). Part is responsible for the proper functioning of the power steering system in a Ford vehicle. Among other things, thanks to good hose assembly in Ford Transit, it is possible to efficiently perform dynamic steering movements.

Power steering cable Ford Transit 2014 Custom is a Ford original product (OEM). You don't have to have the slightest worry about its quality.

How do you recognize a power steering cable fault in a Ford Transit? The most common symptoms are leakage due to leaking hydraulic lines and their fittings. If the power steering lamp warning light comes on, it may also indicate a broken or creased one of the power steering hoses. The main symptom of a malfunction is the need to use more force to turn the steering wheel. A failure in the power steering system can lead to dangerous situations because road maneuvers are much more difficult.




BK21-3E586-CG ( BK213E586CG )
BK21-3E586-CB ( BK213E586CB )
BK21-3E586-CC ( BK213E586CC )
BK21-3E586-CD ( BK213E586CD )
BK21-3E586-CE ( BK213E586CE )
BK21-3E586-CF ( BK213E586CF )

Ford Transit MK8 FWD 2014 - LHD
Ford Tourneo MK8 FWD 2014 - LHD
Ford Transit Custom 2012 - LHD
Ford Tourneo Custom 2012 - LHD

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