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Rear bumper corner Ford Transit 2014 right Trateo

Rear bumper corner Ford Transit 2014 right Trateo



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Rear bumper corner Ford Transit 2014 right Trateo

The rear bumper corner is designed for the 2014-2019 Ford Transit. The plastic corner is mounted on the right side. The rear bumper corner has been manufactured by Trateo.

Suitable for:
Ford Transit MK8 2014-2019


BK31-17926-AG5CND , BK3117926AG5CND

BK31-17926-AF5CND , BK31-17926AF5CND

BK31-17926-AE5CND , BK3117926AE5CND

BK31-17926-AD5CND , BK3117926AD5CND

BK31-17926-AC5CND , BK3117926AC5CND

BK31-17926-AB5CND , BK3117926AB5CND

BK31-17926-AA5CND , BK3117926AA5CND


1867569 , 1852803

1851611 , 1849647

1841950 , 1822100


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3 - you are able to assemble the part if you have the necessary tools but it requires more time

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spare part - premium quality

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