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Rear bumper Ford Transit Connect 2002Rear bumper Ford Transit Connect 2002

Rear bumper Ford Transit Connect 2002



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Rear bumper Ford Transit Connect 2002

Rear bumper for the Ford Transit Connect which was manufactured between 2002 and 2013. The metal rear bumper also acts as a rear reinforcement. It contains a hole for screwing in the towing eye. On the bumper itself, a plastic bumper cover plate is fitted to the Ford Transit Connect, as well as the left and right bumper corners.

Suitable for:
Ford Transit Connect MK1 2002-2013


7T16-17K823-BBM5AD , 7T1617K823BBM5AD

7T16-17K823-BAM5AD , 7T1617K823BAM5AD

2T14-17K823-AGYBB8 , 2T1417K823AGYBB8

2T14-17K823-AFYBB8 , 2T1417K823AFYBB8

2T14-17K823-AEYBB8 , 2T1417K823AEYBB8

2T14-17K823-ADYBB8 , 2T1417K823ADYBB8


1489147 , 1476555

1387174 , 4494001

4426985 , 4386473

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Excellent service , part is perfect!
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