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Rear door check Ford Transit 2014Rear door check Ford Transit 2014Rear door check Ford Transit 2014Rear door check Ford Transit 2014

Rear door check Ford Transit 2014



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Rear door check Ford Transit 2014

Rear door check for Ford Transit MK8 and MK9 produced in 2014 and later. The item is universal for the right and left rear door. The limiter is made of high quality steel painted black. It is attached to the door with three screws. The movable part of the limiter is based on a durable spring so that it always returns to the starting position. This spare part is designed to limit the door opening angle to 90° with the possibility of opening it to 270°. The loading door limiter for the Ford Transit is a very good quality spare part. In order for the door opening angle in your van to be limited, this part must work efficiently. If the rear door limiter is damaged, you can buy a new one in our store.

Suitable for:
Ford Transit MK8 2014 - 2019
Ford Transit MK9 2019


HK31-V44100-AA , HK31V44100AA

BK31-V44100-BD , BK31V44100BD

BK31-V44100-BE , BK31V44100BE

BK31-V44100-BF , BK31V44100BF

BK31-V44100-BG , BK31V44100BG

BK31-V44100-BH , BK31V44100BH

BK31-V44100-BJ , BK31V44100BJ

BK31-V44100-BK , BK31V44100BK


2311702 ,1824661

1828863 , 1844746

1847634 , 1849683

1866893 , 1894101

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