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Repair front wheel arch left sill 2000-2013

Repair front wheel arch left sill 2000-2013


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Repair front wheel arch left sill 2000-2013

Front left wheel arch to the Ford Transit 2000 – 2013. The repair kit front wheel arches with the degree fits perfectly on the left side of the Ford Transit MK6 and MK7. Repair kit has been made very carefully, so we can be mounted in place of the old item without additional re-bending of sheet metal. Front wheel arches, the left was further coated with a protective layer, so that the longer keep fresh and resistance to corrosion.



Ford Number:

6C11-V278F63-EA ( 6C11V278F63EA )
YC15-V27847-EA ( YC15V27847EA )
YC15-V27847-BB ( YC15V27847BB )
YC15-V27847-BA ( YC15V27847BA )

Suitable for:
Ford Transit MK6 2000 - 2006
Ford Transit MK7 2006 - 2013

Condition - new

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