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Car roof aerial antenna Ford Transit 1986-2013 ConnectCar roof aerial antenna Ford Transit 1986-2013, Connect.

Car roof aerial antenna Ford Transit 1986-2013 Connect


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Car roof aerial antenna Ford Transit 1986-2013 Connect

Antenna for Ford Transit from 1986 - 2013 year, and so for most production models Transit. In models MK3, MK4, MK5, MK6 and MK7 bat - antenna has a length of 49 cm. Offered by Transit Center antenna is a new product, so you should not have any concerns that the radio waves are fleeing due to a broken whip. Antenna screwed in place of the old, with no need to configure the radio.

Suitable for:
Ford Transit MK3 1986 - 1991
Ford Transit MK4 1991 - 1994
Ford Transit MK5 1994 - 2000
Ford Transit MK6 2000 - 2006
Ford Transit MK7 2006 - 2013
Ford Transit Connect MK1 2002 - 2013


97GP-18A886-A1B , 97GP18A886A1B

97GP-18A886-AB , 97GP18A886AB

97GP-18A886-AA , 97GP18A886AA

2C14-18A886-AA , 2C1418A886AA

95GP-18A886-AC , 95GP18A886AC

95GP-18A886-AB , 95GP18A886AB

95GP-18A886-AA , 95GP18A886AA


1948182 , 1508144

1046515 , 4372693

1028917 , 1014821


Condition - new

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