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The exhaust manifold ford transit petrol 2.0 OHC Pinto.

The exhaust manifold is a component of the exhaust system of the engine. The collector is of cast iron. This part of the engine is running at very high temperatures. It flows through the exhaust gas from the engine. This exhaust manifold can be damaged by excessive temperature. We have several types of collectors. For petrol and diesel engines. Ford Transit exhaust manifold is bolted to the cylinder head. On the other hand, the collector is screwed exhaust pipe. Exhaust Ford Transit is an important element which has a large impact on ecology and environmental pollution. If we cared about the good condition of the exhaust system we can be sure that our engine will work well and quietly for many years.We enjoy yourself while shopping at our online store Transit Center, especially the new exhaust manifolds which help preserve the environment of our planet.
exhaust manifold ford transit

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