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Fog lights Ford Transit

Fog lights Ford Transit, Transit halogen, front fog lights. Fog lights in any car can be found below the main headlamps. They are mounted as low as possible from the road surface so they are very useful when mists. In these difficult conditions, improve the visibility of the driver. However, due to their location are often damaged. Halogen lamps are part of the external and unlike rear fog lights are not mandatory equipment in cars.

Halogen for Transit

The Ford Transit these lights are mounted in special holes in the front bumper. Lights them mostly switch, the lights are activated position and low beam. Appearance and shape of the fog lamps in the vans cars Ford depend on the specific model. For example, Ford Transit MK7 from 2008 has a round halogen lights and the previous model which was MK6 were mounted oblong. In our shop you will find fog lamps and other lighting components to most models of Ford Transit.

Ford Transit halogen mounting

The halogen lights on the Ford Transit are mounted in the bumpers of the vans. In addition to the lamp itself, other components such as the halogen mount, halogen frame and halogen bracket are very often damaged. Of course you will find these in our online shop. We also offer plastic halogen plugs to fill a hole in the bumper of your van.
Fog lights Ford Transit

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