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Ford Transit door lock ,side, sliding doors, Transit door security, door lock sliding.

Ford Transit door lock side, sliding doors, Transit door security, door lock sliding. All vans connect one thing, these are side sliding doors. Often happens, that the Ford Transit door lock side get damaged and need to be replaced with a new one. Ford Transit 2013, similarly like the others models are equipped with the side right or left doors, depending on which market has been produced. The faults can be caused by many factors, one of the main is bad protected load in the cargo space. This often hits the door, thereby for instance the door lock side get distorted. Another typical damage of lock is so-called belching door, in other words the door doesn’t close properly, and only bounce off the hook, then you can cope by manually setting the pawl in the castle, so that even provisionally Ford Transit door can able to close properly for a period to exchange the complete side door lock.
Ford transit door lock side

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