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Ford transit fan belt, belt fan, Transit 2.4 TDCI, 2.5 D, 2.2 TDCI, Ford new belt fan.

Ford Transit belt fan, belt fan, Transit 2.4 TDCI, 2.5 D, 2.2 TDCI, Ford new belt fan. The belt is mostly used in the transmission belt of the wedge and has the trapezoidal cross-section. In Ford Transit, the fan belt contains of a support layer or steel cords of the layer made from rubber and also fabric-rubber. Such a structure of belt, in the case of van provides high strength, flexibility and belt grip. This is one of the most important engine’s element. It drives many devices like for instance, a generator, an alternator and the water pump. The failure of belt in the worst case can lead to engine seizure and the total immobilize the vehicle. So, Ford transit’s owners should pay attention to subassemblies of the engine, including the fan belt. However, if for some reason this belt would break during the tour you can do a makeshift equivalent, which will allow to reach the nearest station and exchange it with a new belt. As a makeshift may be used, for example, drawn from the spinal cords tow rope or shoelace, you should also remember to tighten it up because they can slide by itself and that is purely a temporary solution only several kilometers.
ford transit fan belt

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