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Ford Transit intercooler

Ford Transit intercooler. In transit vans the intercooler is charge air cooler, in other words the air compressed in the compressor before delivery to the Ford Transit 2.4 TDCI engine or other models of the Ford range. It’s mainly applied in supercharged internal combustion engines because through it we get greater engine efficiency and more power. In Ford Transit the intercooler is located beside radiator, due to is automatically supplied in the air from outside. Transit Center automotive shop offers the new and used intercoolers, the original Ford’s parts as well as the substitutes BSG brand. They are characterized by an increased resistance to mechanical damage caused by external factors.

Intercooler Ford Transit 2.2

The Ford Transit 2.2 intercooler is a popular product in our shop's range, being part of the engine cooling system. The intercooler for ford transit was created in such a way that it can be successfully used in ford vans with two types of engines: 2.2 TDCI and 2.4 TDCI. The customer can choose whether to order an original ford transit 2.2 intercooler or use the available range of spare parts.

Ford Transit intercooler pipe

In order for the ford transit intercooler to function correctly, it is necessary that the entire engine cooling system is leak-proof. Therefore, all hoses, pipes and tubes leading to the intercooler are made of high-quality rubber. A cracked ford transit intercooler pipe should be replaced immediately with a new one to avoid further damage to the vehicle. A high-quality ford transit intercooler is available from the Transit Center!
Ford Transit intercooler

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