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Ford Transit sump

Ford Transit sump. Sump made of steel sheet Ford Transit and screwed to the engine block. The sump is a mammal of the oil pump to haul the oil to the oil pump. The sump can be mechanically damaged, eg. By moving the curb road. You can also damage the oil pan by turning the thread plug to drain the engine oil. In the model Transit MK3 MK4 MK5 and the more MK6 and MK7 disman- sump is quite a difficult task for a man. We recommend replacing the engine component in a specialized garage. Apart from the difficulty sharing the same bowl, you can also run the risk of contact with the overworked engine oil, which is very messy and dangerous to health. In our online store we offer you the casings of used and new. However, we recommend the establishment of new such engine components. The new oil pan is very durable. It will certainly serve for many years.
Ford Transit sump

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