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Citroën Relay mirror left, right, electric are body parts.

Citroën Relay mirrors are parts for vans, which most important function is to increase the driver's view range. Efficient, well-set mirrors help to improve driving comfort and road maneuvers such as turning, parking or changing lanes. Side mirrors available in our store's offer are a short arm mirror and a long arm mirror. Each of these mirrors has their pros and cons. Choice should depend on the individual predispositions of the owner of Citroën Relay. The long arm mirrors are wide apart in relation to the vehicle, increasing the driver's view range. However, they are more susceptible to mechanical damage caused by the impact of other road users. Wing mirrors on a short arm are a traditional solution found in most vans, such as the Citroën Relay.

Citroën Relay side mirror

The side mirror for Citroen Jumper comes in two types of control, allowing the mirror to be set correctly. Correct setting of the right mirror (on the passenger's side) guarantees an improved visibility of objects on the right side of the vehicle. The correct setting of the left-hand mirror (driver's side) is necessary for overtaking maneuvers as it ensures visibility of objects on the left side of the vehicle, including the second lane. The electric mirror attaches to the Citroën Relay via a special plug, which allows the electric control of the mirror in a comfortable way. Manual mirrors were usually used in older vehicle models and were controlled mechanically. Two-piece side mirrors are adapted to European versions of vehicles and are designed to increase the range of vision by reducing the blind spot.

Mirror Citroën Relay 8 PIN and 10 PIN

Citroën Relay side-view mirror is available in several versions, depending on the number of pins and plugs. Mirrors that have an outside temperature sensor are equipped with two plugs: 8 pin and 2 pin. One plug is responsible for the electric control of the mirror, while the other plug is responsible for the outside temperature sensor. In our offer you can also find electric mirrors for Citroën Relay in a version with a single 8-pin plug, without temperature sensors. In the Transit Center online store you will find a wide range of mirrors for Citroën Relay: on a long arm (20 cm), short arm, with a single 8 pin plug and double 10 pin plugs (8 pin + 2 pin).
Mirror Citroën Relay

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