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Mirror Vauxhall Movano electric, right mirror, left mirror, mirror on long arm and mirror on short arm.

The Vauxhall Movano mirror is one of the most frequently mentioned components in a Vauxhall commercial vehicle. The exterior mirrors on the Vauxhall Movano have two types of length. We distinguish between right and left short arm mirrors and right and left long arm mirrors, whose arm length reaches about 20 centimeters. The electric mirror for Vauxhall Movano is designed to show the driver the area behind the vehicle. The Vauxhall Movano electric mirror has been additionally equipped with an electric mirror angle adjustment, thanks to which the driver can effortlessly adjust the mirror in his vehicle. The electric mirror for Vauxhall Movano also has heating, so that during freezing temperatures the mirror does not freeze while driving.

Vauxhall Movano electric mirror

The electric mirror for Vauxhall Movano has two types of connectors: 9-pin and 7-pin. An electric mirror equipped with a 9-pin connector is usually used on the right side of Vauxhall Movano - on the passenger side. This is because the mirror on the right side of Vauxhall Movano is less likely to be damaged than the mirror on the left side, which is why Vauxhall decided to place an additional outside temperature sensor in the right mirror. The left hand mirror, electric Vauxhall Movano, is equipped with a 7-pin connector. The left mirror in a commercial vehicle is more likely to be damaged, especially on narrow roads. Right and left electric mirrors Vauxhall Movano have mirror heating as well as their electric adjustment.

Right and left Vauxhall Movano mirror

Right and left Vauxhall Movano mirror comes in two types of arm length. The Vauxhall Movano short arm mirror is most often used in passenger versions and in versions with short wheelbases. Long arm mirrors for Vauxhall Movano can be found in the case of cars with a long wheelbase or with a special type of body. The right Vauxhall Movano mirror, which is electrically controlled, is also equipped with an outside temperature sensor. Vauxhall decided to place the temperature sensor on the right because the mirror on the right is less exposed to mechanical damage than the mirror on the left. The left electric mirror is also controlled from the driver's cab. In the past, manual mirrors for Vauxhall Movano were also offered, the setting of which consisted in the appropriate maneuvering of the levers located on the door of the driver and passenger. Electric mirrors offered in the store Transit Center come from a reputable delivery of premium quality parts for vans: Trateo Ltd. The company specializes in the production of high quality auto parts brands such as Vauxhall.
Mirror Vauxhall Movano

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