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Ford Transit alternator

Ford Transit alternator 2.5 diesel, Ford Transit 2.4TDCi alternator, 2.2TDCi. These are examples of alternator, that you may find in our offer. In older models of Ford Transit the alternator was connected with Vacuum pump, which was responsible for generating a vacuum pressure for the brake booster. In the newer models like MK6 and MK7 the alternators are without Vacuum pump. The electric power of these devices amount at 75 amps to even 150a.

Alternators for Transit van

In our offer we own the new alternators in well prices as well as used with the bootable guarantee. The alternator formerly known as the generator is part of the electrical system responsible for the production of electricity in the car. It also charges the battery.

Faulty alternator in Ford Transit

The most common symptom of a broken alternator is absence of charging. This symptom is indicated by red light on the dashboard. All alternators offered by Transit Center are proven and new parts have the manufacturer's warranty.
Transit Alternator

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