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Transit control arm bolt

The Transit control arm pivot is a component of a van's suspension that needs to be extremely robust, as drivers drive them for hundreds of thousands of kilometres and expect the vehicle not to let them down when they least expect it. This is also the case with the Ford Transit MK7, which is a relatively young model in the Ford range. The 2013 Ford Transit can have suspension difficulties on Polish roads, the same as all vehicles on our roads.

Defective Ford Transit control arm bolt

The most common defect is a damaged control arm pin. If there is a defective control arm pin, the symptoms that will indicate this are rattling in the suspension and pulling the car towards the defective pin. The control arm pin is a relatively small component responsible for the correct handling of the car, so it is also responsible for our safety.

Replacing the control arm bolt on a Ford Transit

Replacing the control arm bolt for an inexperienced person can be cumbersome and labour-intensive, for a mechanic who deals with such things almost every day it is a moment's work. Most time will be lost in preparing the work area, unscrewing the wheel and getting to the Ford Transit control arm bolt. The control arm bolt itself is not an expensive component, so when there are noises coming from the vehicle's suspension, we should take care of our safety as soon as possible and purchase the right suspension part.
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