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Ford Transit brake drum

The brake drum for the Transit is a specific component of the braking system in a van, which is being replaced by disc brakes in modern designs. However, they still find their use on Ford Transits MK2-MK6. Van owners who want to look after their vehicles need to replace the brake drum on their Ford Transit once in a while.

Why a brake drum in a Ford Transit?

The brake drum is usually fitted to the rear axle of the vehicle, so that the braking force is evenly distributed between the front disc brakes and the rear drum brakes. There are special brake drums for the 2005 Ford Transit on twin wheels, as a single wheel drum is completely unsuitable for a model with twin wheels at the rear. The brake drum for the Ford Transit is made of heavy-duty metal grades, as it has to withstand the very high forces transmitted by the vehicle during braking.

How do you remove the brake drum on a Ford Transit?

1. release the shoes from the position set by the self-adjusting slack adjusters.
2. knock out the wheel fixing pin, e.g. through a special hole in the brake cover disc plugged with a rubber cap.
3. knock the drum out with a soft hammer.
4. in some cases it is necessary to pull out the half axle.

Ford Transit drum - types

Among the drums for the Ford Transit available in our shop you will find:
- brake drum for 14-inch wheels,
- Brake drum for 15-inch wheels,
- brake drum for 16-inch wheels,
- hub brake drum for single and double rear wheels.

Transit brake drum - new or used?

In our shop you will find mainly new spare parts. In some cases, we also have functional used parts which you can successfully apply to your vehicles. Remember, however, that the brake system is the most important system in a van when it comes to safety. That is why it makes sense to purchase parts from a reliable manufacturer. This is what we offer in our online shop!
Transit drum

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