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Ford Transit grille, Transit radiator grille

One of the characteristic body elements that distinguishes a particular brand of van is the radiator grille. The grille can take many forms. The Transit grille is often modified to emphasise the individual style of the vehicle or its driver. The bumper grille for Ford is designed to protect the components behind it. The Transit grille is commonly referred to as the radiator grille because it is usually located directly in front of the radiator. Its main purpose is to protect the radiator and other components from mechanical damage that can be caused by stones, sand or other vehicles. The grille for the Ford Transit usually takes the form of a grille to ensure optimum airflow to the radiator. The Ford Transit grille was made from either metal or plastic - depending on the generation of van in which it was featured.

Ford Transit grille - different generations of van

The grille is found on the Ford Transit of every generation. It is the most important component to approximately identify the vintage of the van. The radiator grille of the Ford Transit MK1 had a slightly rounded shape and was positioned below the line of the vehicle's headlights. The 1978 Transit already had a more massive grille, located between the headlamps. The second generation Transit was heavily inspired by American vehicles, which can also be seen in the design of the grille for the Transit MK2. The Transit MK2 grille was made of metal and was part of the bumper. The Transit MK3 grille complemented the streamlined shape of the vehicle and was quite narrow. An even smaller grille was present on the MK4 model. The Transit MK5 grille gave the van a distinctive shape that resembled a smile. It was because of the radiator grille that the Ford Transit MK5 was colloquially known as ,,Smiley" meaning smiley face/smile. The Ford Transit MK6 and MK7 were very similar to each other, but differed in the design of the front grille and the headlights. The 2000-2006 Ford Transit's grille was narrow and resembled a regular grille. while the Transit MK7's bumper grille was made of plastic and served an important styling function.

Transit MK8 radiator grille - facelift and Trail

A major revolution in the design of the Ford van was the Transit's front grille. It was larger than in previous years, was positioned in the central part of the vehicle and had a streamlined shape. On the one hand, the massive size may have referred to the American tradition of the Ford brand, but on the other hand, the Transit's rounded grill definitely set the vehicle apart from competing vehicle manufacturers. For 2019, the Ford Transit MK8 underwent a facelift - the main change to the vehicle's appearance was the radiator grille. The 2019 Transit's grille was surrounded by a chrome frame and its shape changed. A four-wheel drive version of the van, the Transit Trail, also made its market debut. It featured massive FORD lettering in the centre of the radiator grille, a stylistic reference to the Ford Raptor. Owners of the basic Transit produced from 2019 onwards can swap the traditional grille for the Trail version, as the products have the same dimensions.

Trail Transit - key features

- bringing cool air into the engine compartment,
- using the vehicle's momentum to assist the cooling system,
- vehicle manufacturer's trademark, highlighting the individual character of the vehicle,
- improving the appearance of the Ford Transit,
- mechanical protection of the radiator against stones and other external influences,
- differentiating the vehicle brand from the competition,
- in some cases, covers are applied to the Transit's grille to increase the fast heating of the engine in winter.
Transit grille

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