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Visco Ford Transit

Visco Ford Transit, viscous clutch, viscous coupling, complete radiator fan, torque distribution control. Visco is a type of clutch that allows smooth regulation of revolutions from disengagement to almost rigid connection. The Ford Transit is equipped with this type of clutch in radiator fans.

The Role of Visco in the Cooling System of Ford Transit

Visco plays a key role there, enabling the transfer of torque between two rotating elements through a high-viscosity fluid. Transit Center offers complete fans with a temperature-controlled viscous clutch, or just the visco itself, for example, for the 2013 Ford Transit 2.4 model.

Applications and Benefits of Using Visco

The viscous coupling offered by our online store can be brand new or fully functional – used. Everyone will find something for themselves. Proper cooling in a commercial vehicle is very important, as they are usually used for very heavy work and carry a lot of cargo, causing the Ford Transit engine to run at full power and potentially overheat.

Replacement and Maintenance of the Viscous Clutch

Regular inspection of the visco's condition and its replacement if necessary are crucial for ensuring the proper functioning of the cooling system. In our online store, you will find a wide selection of spare parts and accessories that ensure long-lasting and trouble-free operation of the vehicle.
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